Web Developer/Designer

Worked as an Application(Web & Software) Developer,
Experienced in designing responsive mobile first web applications.


Here's what I have in my arsenal

Programming Languages


Scripting Languages

PHP, JSP, JavaScript




JSTL, jQuery, Swing


AngularJS, MVC, Spring MVC, Hibernate, Bootstrap


Android, Servlet, Applet, SQL, Ajax, JSON, Batch programming





Professional Projects

Projects that I worked on.


The Furtado-Gallagher Computerized Observational Movement Pattern Assessment System (FG-COMPASS) will enable teachers to easily collect, monitor, analyze, and report student’s results, thus allowing assessment practices in fundamental movement skill performance to be more easily integrated into the instructional process in Physical Education.

Technologies used: Android, Java, PHP, jQuery, Bootstrap


Through Muncheese platform restaurants can register themselves and select the type of service they could offer i.e. takeouts or direct delivery. The users of this application can select the type of cuisine, delivery method and can select any restaurants from the list of restaurants matching their specified criteria.

Technologies used: J2EE, Spring - MVC framework, MySQL

CSUN's Tides Project

The Tides@CSUN is leb by an interdisciplinary team working to create lab modules, programming assignments and lecture examples for use in introductory programming courses. My role was to redesign the entire website so that it becomes more user friendly and appealing to use.

Technologies used: PHP, jQuery(JavaScript), HTML5, CSS3


A customer management desktop application for a travel company which helps in creating custom travel packages, manages and maintains customer details, generating bill sends text messages to the customer in case of minor alterations like new driver for the bus.

Technologies used: Java, Swing, MySQL

Green Global Projects

A corporate website for "Macroscope Market Resourcing" which has over 30 years of experience in International Business Consulting, Project Co-ordination, International marketing & management and real estate investment. This website shows the available products and services, projects handled by this organization and its global outreach.

Technologies used: PHP, jQuery(JavaScript), HTML5, CSS3

Ayurvedic Wisdom

Website with a huge collection of resources that helps you to live a healthier lifestyle by following the Ayurveda principle. which is known as the oldest science of healing in India. It contains information about how to cure or prevent diseases such as Gout, Alzheimer's disease and Dengue

Technologies used: PHP, jQuery(JavaScript), HTML5, CSS3

Gadar Freedom

An informational website regarding an ongoing movie project "Gadar Freedom" which shows how the "Ghadar Party" was formed in San Fransico in 1913 and the role it played in the Indian independence. The website gives a storyline of the movie by narrating a detailed history and the names of prominent leaders involved in founding the "Ghadar Party"

Technologies used: PHP, jQuery(JavaScript), HTML5, CSS3

Personal Projects

Few of my own creations.


Libro is a shared economy mobile application platform which allows college students to make and save money while in school. We offer three unique features that empower college students; first, we provide a platform where students can make extra money tutoring their peers on campus. Our second feature allows students to buy, sell, and trade textbooks directly with other students on their campus. Our third feature allows students to compare prices amongst outside vendors. Each of our three features enables students to work for themselves, set their prices, and fight against the effects of rising higher-education costs.

Technologies used: J2EE, MySQl, MVC framework, JavaScript/jQuery, HTML5, CSS3


Currently working on an Android application DifferentlyPowered(Name not finalized!) that helps the people with physical or mental disability interact with other fellow community members.

Technologies used: Android, PHP, MySQL, jSON

Engineer's Community Network

A web application through which students can discuss their academic problems with students and faculties of same or different colleges. The lecturer can organize live lecture and invite other users to it. Students can search for registered tutors and training institutes based on provided criteria.

Technologies used: J2EE, MySQl, MVC framework, JavaScript/jQuery, HTML5, CSS3


In most other applications, the image uploaded by user is made public and reviewed or rated by other co-user of the application making the reviews unreliable and inconsistent as each image is reviewed by different set of users. In this application the uploaded image can be viewed and reviewed only by the admin of the website thus preserving the privacy of the user and making the reviews more constructive and consistent.

Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript/jQuery, HTML5, CSS3


Anonyvoice aims to make the process of classroom feedback more transparent and dynamic by giving students the chance to voice their concerns through anonymity, and help the instructors by continuous and relevant feedback. The app would have an inbuilt moderation system so that it is not abused and is used constructively for the improvement of the classroom method.

Technologies used: Android, PHP, MySQL, jSON


A portfolio website for my friend Darpan Tilokani who is an excellent photographer. This website showcases some of his best clicks.

Technologies used: JavaScript/jQuery, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3

The Vault

A user can store all his/her confidential files into a folder and can lock it with the help of "The Vault" application. To access the content stored within "The Vault", the user has to enter the correct password to the application.

Technologies used: Batch programming

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